A Dance Studio for everyone!

Catherine’s Dance Studio has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  Through the studio I hope to make it possible for other girls to have their own dreams too.  - Catherine Stephenson

Welcome to Catherine’s Dance Studio! We are so thrilled that you are exploring our studio for your dancer! We’ve been dancing in our Parkville location since October of 2013 when we moved our dance studio to its current location. (Read more about our beginnings!) Our smaller class sizes are what sets us apart from other studios. Our classes are 10-15 students. We believe in getting to know our students as individuals. Some of our students have grown up in Catherine's Dance Studio and have gone away to college. They have felt a real connection to Catherine Stephenson and consider her ‘family’.

Why Dance at Catherine’s Dance Studio?

  • Smaller Class sizes (other typical dance classes will have 20-40 dancers)
  • More attention
  • Develop better technique due to smaller class sizes
  • Positive encouragement
  • Part of a family

I started dancing at Catherine's Dance Studio when I was 13. Most girls begin to dance very young, but even with my lack of experience, Catherine took the time to teach me everything I needed to know. Because of the individual attention, I received from Catherine I was able to accomplish many things I never thought possible. Catherine's Dance Studio helped me fulfill my dream of being on my high school dance team and now I am a Cheerleader at Park University. In just five short years I learned to perform at a high school level and now a college level, and I owe all of that to Catherine's Dance Studio.

-Abby Jeans

Our Dance Classes3-5 year old pre ballet class is available at Catherine's Dance Studio, 170 English Landing Drive, Suite 111 Parkville, MO 64152

Catherine’s Dance Studio is a real family affair. Catherine’s mom, Judy, is an integral part of Catherine's Dance Studio, managing the studio and helping Catherine with her students.  Her dad and brother TJ put the wood floor in her bedroom (where her studio started). Her dad and her husband, Brad, had a hand in building some of the Parkville Studio and everyone was there to hang the sign above the studio door in downtown Parkville, including her daughter, Claire.

Teaching smaller dance classes was the necessity when Catherine's Dance Studio first began, and it becomes the driving reason why Catherine’s students are making the dance teams they tried out for.  The dancers were getting more personalized attention. She could see and guide every foot, every turn of the wrist, every gesture. Smaller class sizes make it possible for her students to learn, practice and memorize proper technique from the beginning. Catherine knows that proper technique is the basis for better dancing. Smaller class sizes mean individual attention for each and every dancer which results in good technique. 

Proper Technique is the key to great dancing

A dancer with proper technique will learn and grow more as a dancer, which translates into high self-confidence as a dancer. Smaller dance class sizes were necessary due to space restrictions then, and Catherine knows that smaller class sizes are necessary for her students to be great dancers.

You never know where dancing might take you. Not every student will take dancing as seriously as another. Our small class sizes give a dancer more individual attention and more attention to technique. A better technique gives a more serious dancer the cornerstone she needs to continue to learn more complicated movements that are required in dance. Consequently, a dancer who has the correct technical basics will be in a better position to do well in other forms of dance and participate in higher skill levels of ballet.

Student entering a Competitive Dance Competition from Catherine's Dance Studio, 170 English Landing Drive, Suite 111 Parkville, MO 64152Why Dance?

Dancing builds self-confidence. Performing in front of others is a good transition to speaking in front of others and having confidence in life. Taking dance classes helps with music appreciation, memory, discipline, structure, and attention to detail. Consequently, dancing is an art form that develops muscle, flexibility,  and grace.

Another reason to dance at Catherine's: taking classes at our dance studio has no age barrier. As a result, you can start to dance at any age! Therefore, you never know what you might excel at! Dance Studio Classes are arranged by age. A 16-year-old girl won’t find herself in a class with a 5-year-old even though both are just beginning to take classes.

Our dance classes are for girls and boys age 3 to age 18. Our younger dancers must be potty trained before they can be in class. You can see what classes are each week by viewing our calendar. Contact us or call us for a free week of dance classes.

Are there Hip Hop Classes near me?

Yes! Hip Hop is a very popular dance class. We provide hip hop classes with appropriate dance moves, music and recital costumes. These issues may not be a concern for kids, but we know, based on feedback, that our parents and grandparents appreciate that! Hip Hop classes are fun and are an excellent introduction to our dance studio!

Summer Dance CampCatherine Stephenson and Judy Murray of Catherine's Dance Studio, 170 English Landing Drive, Suite 111 Parkville, MO 64152

Less rigorous than our school calendar classes, we teach dance classes in summer sessions for our current students as well as any new students! The best part of our summer classes is our involvement in the Parkville Days Parade. Also, dancers who attend summer sessions can participate in the parade and will be given a Catherine's Dance Studio shirt to march in and attend an open house at the studio after the parade! A great event for everyone! 

Take one of our Dance classes in Parkville!

Contact us or call us today at (816) 214-7370. We have a dance class that will fit your aspiring dancer. Our dancers are grouped by age, not by skill. Our classes are smaller, and your child will learn the proper technique to take her dancing as far as she would like to take it!

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