About Catherine’s Dance Studio

“I love to dance. I love everything about it. When I don’t dance I miss it. I look forward to teaching students to dance and to see what they think of the dance. It is exciting to see their growth. To see how they develop, to watch them become dancers and become individual people. It is amazing for me to be a part of that.” - Catherine Stephenson

About Catherine Stephenson

Catherine has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has been teaching her own classes since she was 14 years old in her bedroom that her family converted to a dance studio by pushing her daybed into a corner and adding all the telltale signs of a dance studio: wood floor, a wall of mirrors, a bar and painting the room pink....

Catherine Stephenson owns, Catherine's Dance Studio in Parkville, MOWhen Catherine Stephenson graduated from UMKC (where she also made the dance team) she was choosing between two career options: teach in a classroom or focus on her own dance studio. Her choice was obvious. Having grown her class list to the point where she couldn’t accommodate any more students, (due to time and space constraints) Catherine opened her dance studio in downtown Parkville, just down the street from where her parents also have their family business, Murray Insulation.

More about Smaller Classes in Parkville

Catherine's Dance Studio class sizes are smaller. She believes in getting to know her students as individuals. Some of her students have grown up in Catherine's Dance Studio and then have gone away to college. They feel a real connection to Catherine and feel that it is a ‘family’ to them.

Find out more about Catherine and her dance studio, Catherines-Dance-Studio-170-English-Landing-Drive-Suite-111-Parkville-MO-64152

Catherine's husband, Brad, hangs the sign.

When she moved to her new location, all of her students joined her in the new Parkville location and she was very excited about that. Catherine’s Dance Studio is a real family affair. Catherine’s mom, Judy,  has been an integral part of Catherine's Dance Studio, managing the books and helping Catherine with her students. Her dad and her husband had a hand in building some of the things in the Parkville Studio and her dad and brother TJ put the wood floor in her bedroom and everyone was there to hang the sign above the studio door, including her baby Claire.

About a love to teach

When she was little, Catherine wanted to be a ballerina. Isn't that the dream of every little ballerina?  As Catherine got older she realized she loved teaching ballet to others. Catherine feels that her caring nature and her ability to make each girl feel special Learn more about dancing at Catherine's Dance Studio, 170 English Landing Drive, Suite 111 Parkville, MO 64152makes her a good instructor.

Her students are there to have fun and to work hard. She is able to combine all these gifts in her Studio to help girls grow and become wonderful people and beautiful dancers. The experience when two of her dancers graduated from high school and left for college was a very special moment for her because her students feel a connection to her. 

Dance Studio that feels like 'home'

Catherine’s Dance Studio is a home for them, a place to belong. A student wrote a paper on Catherine’s Dance Studio and in the paper, she noted the studio was like a ‘family’ to her. Consequently, not only did Catherine make her feel special but the girls she danced with made her feel special too. As a result, it meant the world to her to be a part of a place like that and to dance with people like that.

"Dancing is fun. It gives you a place to go and let loose. It takes your mind away and lets you express who you are and who you want to be."  -  Catherine Stephenson

Little and big girls are meant to feel like they belong, and they do. Catherine Stephenson and her mom, Judy, consider each and ever student they have in Parkville, a blessing.

Find out more about Catherine's Dance Studio. Call (816) 214-7370 or go to our registration page for a detailed class schedule.

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