Dance Classes

Catherine’s Dance Studio offers a versatile mix of dance classes for dancers ages 3 to 18 in our downtown Parkville location. If a student is 3-7 years old and has not taken dance previously, we recommend starting with Pre-Ballet or Ballet. The techniques learned in Pre-Ballet will give a younger dancer a solid foundation for all the other types of dance, not only Ballet but Point, Leaps and Turns and any Master Class. A solid pre-ballet and ballet background gives a dancer the grace and body movements that are the foundation for all types of dance such as jazz, tap and hip-hop. Having a good foundation in ballet lays the groundwork for dance.

Try one of our dance classes at Catherine's Dance Studio in Parkville, MO

We offer the following dance classes:

Smaller Dance Classes in Parkville

Your class will have 10-15 students. We believe that a smaller class with more individual attention is the basis for developing good technique. Our schedule is found on our Class Schedule page.

To sign up for classes please go to the Register for Dance Classes page or call our studio at (816) 214-7370.

Try a Week of Dance Classes 

We encourage you to try a week of our dance classes for free. Come to as many of the classes as you like! We believe that trying the different forms of dance that are available is a good way of introducing kids to dance. You never know what they might like or what they might be good at!

Contact Us or call (816) 214-7370 if you’d like to take a week of classes for free!

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